The Annual Festival at La Cruz end of April: A traditional fiesta complete with parades and at least ten candidates for the crowning of King and Queen of La Cruz.

It takes place each year at the end of April for nine nights. There are lively and friendly competitions for the best bull, the best dancing horse from the many surrounding ranchos, parades, native indigenous shows as well as traditional Mexican food, singing and dancing. But the best could be the nightly singing and dancing performed by the passionate caballeros and the inaccessible senoritas, each with their fire bright multicolored skirts and regional costumes dancing as their heels click to the rhythm of the beat. But I must confess, the Mexican music, which really heated my blood ,channeled by the eternal lyrics of Besame Mucho, made me think how warm and intimate these Mexican festivals really are as you see people dance in the streets, sit with their neighbors eating fine tasty tacos and of course, saluting one another with a beer and tequila. Bravo!